Holiday at Home

We had some amazing sunshine the last week here in the UK so I took some time to do a lock down holiday inspired "Costa Del Home" shoot. I really enjoyed myself and spent quite a bit of time in my garden and around my house getting these snaps. Next month I should have been going to China for a wedding and some travelling but that won't be happening. So I thought, staying home might as well become my wee holiday with the sun shining so bright!

So I planned a few outfits, actually spent quite a bit of time in the sun myself and had a couple of drinks and a BBQ with my boyfriend as it was also his birthday. For this mini shoot I decided to feature some of my second hand goodies because I still think it's important to remember that there are already so many clothes in the world, charity shops (when they reopen), eBay and Depop are the home to many amazing pieces. Below I will share a mix of second hand and high - street piece for my perfect stay-cation.

Rene Pink Swimsuit, Heart Sunglasses and Pink Shorts
Stay home but make it fashion
cocktail and a two piece

One of my favourite refreshing cocktails is a Hugo Spritz, I first had this spritz last year in Sicily and I fell in love. They're so tasty, it is made St Germain, Prosecco, Mint and Lime. However if you don't have St Germain at home, which we didn't, you can replace with Elderflower cordial and a bit of tonic water.  That or a Mai Tai gives me the feeling of summer either on holiday or at a cocktail bar. I am really looking forward to being able to go and meet friends for drinks after this lock down! 

This cheesy grin below is exactly what my friends and family can expect to see when I finally see them in real life!

Rene Pink Swimsuit, Heart Sunglasses and Pink Shorts 3

two piece 3

This beautiful sunshine coloured two piece was one of my amazing charity shop finds from earlier this year. It was brand new with tags and cost a total of £4.25! I didn't need to spend tonnes on a high street purchase, which if this was on ASOS or at Urban Outfitters I am sure I wouldn't have paid the £30-40 that would have been charged. The skirt (which I can now see needs a serious iron) has a slit on either side, not a thigh high which would make you conscious of flashing your pants to the world but to give you a nice breezy feel and a flash of leg when you walk. The cute matching top is a tie back which I'm really liking. It has inspired me to get my sewing machine back out while I'm spending all of this time at home and maybe I'll make my own tie back top. Of course if I don't then that's fine too because while at home REMEMBER you do not need to be productive, you are living through a pandemic!

Pink dress a summer hat and statement earrings
Rene Pink Swimsuit, Heart Sunglasses and Pink Shorts 2
two piece 1
Sunglasses - One of my true passions. 
Haha I joke but for real, I love a good pair of sunnies. These are all old high street ones but ASOS is bound to have a bunch similar to these lot.
Pink dress and a summer hat

This beautiful dress, which you may have seen last year in my "What I'm Wearing - Outfit Round Up" post. I adore this dress, I've had it for about 2 years now so I can't remember the exact price but it was between £5 -£10 for sure. I found it on a lunch break charity shop wandering and was super excited about this one! 

Rene Pink Swimsuit, Heart Sunglasses and Pink Shorts 4

The last charity shop piece is the pink pair of shorts that I'm wearing with the pink frilly swimsuit. Those are super super old now but they were a pair of trousers which had a rip and some bobbling on the lower leg so I chopped them up for the perfect pair of shorts. Remember to be creative when you are shopping second hand, you can give something a new lease of life. 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little shoot as much as I did! It was quite fun working to a particular theme, it got me through one more lockdown weekend that's for sure.

Thanks for reading.

Chelsea Jade