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Spring Layering - A Midi Dress

So this time of year can be very confusing in terms of weather, it can be deceiving. It can be really sunny and a blue sky but we can sometimes still feel a chill. We can have a glorious week of sun and then a downpour. Which makes it tricky when planning what to wear. Layering is a pretty good solution to this problem. At this time of year I like to sundress up but then it can be fairly chilly. This outfit is an example, I have my legs out but a pair of cycling shorts underneath for some protection from the wind.
You could totally pair a summer dress like this with a t-shirt underneath and some nude tights. Pair with a set of boots to help keep the look cohesive and not like you couldn't deiced what to wear by pairing it with summery shoes.
If you opt for more of a baggy shape dress then I would pair a belt with it, not for the silhouette but actually to prevent any breeze that does make it's way under going all the way up. Keeping the layers close to your body will keep you wa…

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