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Shop The Trend: Straw Bags

Wicker Raffia Bags 3

I have been blogging for a long time now and I’ve noticed some changes over that period. One change that I am becoming more aware of than ever before is how many clothes people are buying. Everyone seems to have the latest jumpsuit from New Look, the perfect Topshop Co-ord and an amazing piece from Weekday. I’m guilty of it myself, regularly browsing the new in section of ASOS and the other day I noticed that Nasty Gal is now one of my most visited websites on my phone – there’s a little link as soon as I open my browser. Which is not healthy for my bank balance, I have to say one thing which makes me feel slightly better is that I am more of a browser than a buyer.

I’m not convinced that this is limited to bloggers either really, it seems a regular conversation between girls is based around a new purchase. I spoke to someone recently that used to work at Missguided and they had a crazy number of new designs that had to be completed weekly for just the tops section, which was truly depressing.

Wicker Raffia Bags 2