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A Trip to Zhujiajiao Water Town

We went to Zhujiajiao on one of the days of my trip and I really enjoyed it, it was such a beautiful place. We unfortunately went during a Chinese bank holiday and so the place was utterly packed. So my first bit of advice would be to avoid such a busy day as we couldn't get as much time on the bridges or passing through areas with so many people. Secondly I would advise paying to get into the garden, you can pay for the ticket before you get into the main area but you can also pay when you get to the garden. Thirdly, they seemed to go crazy for the smelly tofu dish and it was everywhere so every time you turned a corner you got a whiff of the dish - it smell awful. My boyfriend loves it but it made me feel so sick when I tried just the tiniest amount. 

We came across a really lovely place to eat that did vegetarian bao and noodles. It was also home to this pretty adorable cat too.
If you are in Shanghai for a short period of time then Zhujiajiao is a good place to visit as you can…

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