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My 2018 Highlights and Lowlights

The end of 2018 saw in lots of Instagram stories of 2018 highlights, many many of them. It’s a lovely idea and has been around in many formats before Instagram stories. It’s a great way to share and reminisce about the wonderful things that happened in the year. And to think positively about the year ahead. For bloggers it’s also a way to share your brand and summarise some of your year for new followers. I completely get it, I read so many of the posts myself and considered posting. But I decided to write this instead.
Sharing highlights from the year is a carefully curated selection of moments from the year that are generally positive. However in the wold of perfectly themed Instagram pages I feel that in a way, for some readers and followers, it can be a little negative in relation to mental health. The flurry of amazing things so many wonderful people did last year, however interesting and inspiring they intended to be, could lead to a negative feeling. It might make others feel …

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